ReSound ENZO 3D

Get clear and crisp sound quality from our newest hearing aid for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss, the ReSound ENZO 3D - making everyday hearing easier. ReSound's Binaural Directionality III and Spatial Sense technology help you hear better in noise and still be aware of all the sounds around you - no matter what direction the sounds are coming from.

General Features


The smallest hearing aid for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss

ReSound ENZO 3D is the smallest hearing aid available for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

It comes in two behind-the-ear styles and a wide range of colors. Every component is coated with iSolate nanotech, an ultra-thin shield that seals it off from water, dust, and ear wax.

It offers exceptional battery life and long durability - our 98 model battery, for example, lasts for 12 days when streaming up to four hours per day.


While your first fitting will always take place in a clinic, you can now also contact your hearing care professional and get your hearing aids adjusted at a distance.

This is our new ReSound Assist feature. ReSound Assist puts you in direct contact with your hearing care professional and makes it possible to ask questions and get advice at your convenience, as well as fine-tune your hearing aid wherever you are.

Your new settings will be sent right to the ReSound Smart 3D app on your phone.


The new ReSound Smart 3D app lets you control volume and adjust bass, middle and treble. You can choose location settings easily and discreetly, even saving a 'favourite' and geo-tagging a specific location to switch to that same setting next time you're there.